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Hand Feeding Syringes and Medicating Syringes

Rubber O-ring disposable similar to Basik Sringes and re-useable plexi syringes. Ideal for hand feeding and medicating. Plexi syringes have metal screw thread lurelock fittings for secure attachment of needles.

10ml Basik Brand Disposable Syringe - Bag of 100

  • Price: AUD $99.00
  • Category: Feeding Syringes for Animals
  • Code: HAND-130318-19

Item Description

10ml Once brand rubber O-ring disposable syringe. These syringes are ideal for handfeeding birds and mammals. The rubber O-ring lasts much longer than disposable syringes and delivers feeding formulas safely and smoothly without sticking. Bag of 100



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