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About Animalinfo Publications

Animalinfo Publications is an Australian company specialising in digital pet and animal care books. We promote the efforts of responsible breeders and owners, and endeavor to help people identify reputable suppliers.

Sharing your life with an animal companion can be a wonderful experience. However, pet ownership is a commitment that should be taken seriously. There are many things that the potential pet owner needs to learn in order to make the right decision in choosing the animal best suited to their lifestyle, and providing the correct care for their new companion.

The internet provides a vast array of information, some good, some bad. For the inexperienced pet owner, it can be hard to know what to look for. It can be confusing and often overwhelming. Animalinfo Publication's authors are all professionals that spend their working, and often much of their social lives, with animals. Animalinfo titles provide the most current information available on all aspects of pet ownership, researched by authors who know what to look for.

Although we recognise that books in print form may become truly treasured by their owners, the downfall of non-fiction books is that the information they contain is out of date, often before the book leaves the printing press. With rapidly changing technologies, there are many advances being made to different aspects of pet care and pet ownership such as diet, health care, and genetic disease testing.

Animalinfo eBooks are regularly reviewed and updated. Registered users can upgrade their book anytime that a new version becomes available provided that they retain their validation code from their first purchase. This ensures that readers have access to the latest information.

Our books also take advantage of the latest features available to eBook users such as embedded video and live links to on-line resources, giving our readers access to many useful sites for further reading without having to wade through endless search engine results, listing websites that are often not relevant.

Environmental Policy - eBooks are green!

One of the greatest advantages of eBooks is that they have virtually no negative impacts on our physical environment. Animalinfo Publications is dedicated to maintaining as low an impact on the environment as possible. As a result you may not print our eBooks. In other words - no trees are used to deliver our information to our end users!

Animalinfo Publications also provides a huge on-line database of breeders, vets, pet supplies and many other free on-line resources such as breed fact sheets and health fact sheets.

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