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Dog Magazines

Locate digital and print magazines on dogs and dog care.

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  • Modern Dog

    Modern Dog is the lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions. Features expert advice, dog-friendly travel destinations, full fashion spreads, the latest accessories for your pooch and what's new in the doggie world.

    Price: USD $16.00
    Format: Dog Magazines
  • Just Labs

    Just Labs is the canine magazine devoted to the family Labrador Retriever. Every issue includes stories about Labs and their owners, pictorials, and articles on health, training, dog accessories, and equipment.

    Price: USD $23.95
    Format: Dog Magazines
  • Citydog Magazine

    Dog owners BEWARE! Bark magazine is dedicated to everything related to canine culture. Each issue includes stories, essays, poetry, reviews, interviews and artwork related to the relationship between humans and dogs.

    Price: USD $18.00
    Format: Dog Magazines