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Books on Farm Animals - Hardcover

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Book on Raising Sheep


Living with Goats: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Backyard Herd

  • Publisher: The Lyons Press
  • Author(s): Margaret Hathaway
  • Pages: 208
  • Price: USD $12.21
  • Format: Farm Animal Books - Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1599214924

Item Description


Praise for The Year of the Goat:


Reading Margaret and Karl's delightful journey reminded me of the ideals that brought many of us at Moosewood together over thirty years ago. Margaret Hathaway's spirited storytelling and off-beat humor not only reawakened my own memories of adventurous times, but revealed that the dream to go "back to the land" to lead a simpler life is alive and flourishing. And boy did I learn a lot about goats and cheese! --Wynnie Stein, co-owner/author, Moosewood Restaurant

"Back-to-the-land fantasies aren't new, but Hathaway gives theirs a modern twist by emphasizing "terroir," the idea that "food is rooted in the land," and of connecting "the palate to the place." Local-eating, slow-food activists will find much to chew on here."

-Publishers Weekly

"Hathaway's descriptions of the various characters they meet - both human and goat - are funny and vivid. . . . This is a book for anyone who's ever imagined going back in time to a simpler life - or anyone who loves cheese." --Entertainment Weekly

"Hathaway pokes fun at her naive notions of rural life with a sly humor that nicely balances the naked earnestness of the endeavor. The details of animal husbandry and cheese production will intrigue those interested in foods origins, and many readers, particularly city dwellers, will also be captured by the personal story of a young couples unusually thoughtful efforts to build a meaningful life together."


Goats, goat keeping, goat breeds, dairy goats