In a tranquil bush setting and family run Bushlands Pet Resort is your dog's home away from home. While you are on holiday your dog will get five star attention, diet and exercise while with us.

Give your pets the holiday they deserve

As cat and dog owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to leave your pet while you go away. So we have created a holiday resort for pets which meets the exacting standards we demand for our own cats and dogs. 

We provide above average sized enclosures complete with comfortable bedding and state of the art toys to relieve boredom. Dogs in our care get a daily walk and playtime in our exercise runs and cats receive a comb out and a cuddle every morning as part of our standard routine.  Owners are also welcome to bring in favourite toys and bedding if it will help their pets settle in with us more quickly.

Pets away from home are potentially stressed and have an increased risk of sickness - we help by providing top quality food with super premium biscuits supplemented by top quality wet food, tinned tuna, our gourmet mince cook up and raw lamb bones and chicken necks.  We pride ourselves on the shiny coats and good condition that pets are in when they go home.