Valiant, Versatile, Vigilant

Valkyrian Dobermanns (Est. 1973) 

The primary goal of our breeding program, with health as a priority, is to produce the old style Dobermann powerful breed type, intelligence and correct temperament. To this end we have imported 6 Dobermanns in the past 7 years (5 produced by frozen semen of famous dogs from over 20 years ago). They are true to breed type and as such are stable, calm, devoted, highly trainable and intelligent family guardians.

Puppies are raised using Puppy Culture, a complete program of over 50 lessons from whelping box to new home that is scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies and includes:
o Early Neurological Stimulation
o Puzzles and Problem Solving
o Active vs Passive Challenges
o Clicker and Crate Conditioning
o Emotional Resiliency Exercises
o Sound-Proofing Puppies
o Toilet training

New owners receive a comprehensive information manual, a puppy pack and lifetime support.

Initial enquiries by email to please