How can your puppy not only be capable of keeping strangers away from your property while also being a socially stable pet? Fortunately, there is no reason you will need to choose between having a friendly family dog and a guard dog, it is possible for Dobermann puppies to be both.

So, what makes a dog one that can be trusted, regardless of the circumstances? It's certainly not a magic trick, but it can be very simple. It comes down to making sure your Dobermann pups are exposed to a variety of different situations, whether walking them through the neighborhood or bringing them on a luncheon date, they will be surrounded by other people and their cuteness will certainly add to the experience.

Keep in mind that many of the small experiences of everyday life will actually be important socialization time for your Dobermann. Whether you are going to the post office or out for an errand, your dog will get a lot out of going with you, simply tie your puppy up outside so that they can spend some time on their own and get past any separation anxiety that might be a problem when you are away from him. However, it is important to not back down and go to your pup until he has settled down and quit barking and whining, otherwise the next time might be much worse.

Do you need your puppy to be able to handle walking by strangers or being in a crowd? Take your purebred puppy to the train station and stand by the exit platform where you will find many people in a hurry to get off the train and head home. If somebody wants to pet your dog, this is even better. Just ensure that your puppy has a positive experience, so you will need to intervene if the person starts doing anything that would detract from the training of your puppy. Another simple trick you can utilize is to have a small bag of treats that you can hand to random strangers that happen to come over. These strangers can then feed the treats to your puppy, this will help show your dog that strangers outside of your home do not pose a threat.

If you find have Dobermann puppies for sale and you want to be sure that you build their confidence, a quick trip to the train crossing can be a great stop before you let them go meet some new strangers. Stand in the designated crossing safety box, hold onto your puppy and be the leader. If you act like everything is fine, then your puppies will learn that this is not something they need to fear. After a few of these trips, you can place them down on the ground and let them gain additional confidence. Eventually work your way up to allowing your puppy to get closer to the passing trains and reward them with treats, this will certainly help them get over any fears.

A good test you can use for your puppy is to have a trusted friend keep it for a day or two; however, make sure they thoroughly understand the rules you have set for your puppy. This is a great way to ensure your puppy grows up as easy and carefree as possible.