The world's oldest horse breed, the Arabian, epitomizes equine versatility, participating in all disciplines of English, Western, dressage, driving, and in-hand horse show classes. Flight Without Wings sets forth rules and requirements and analyzes the essential qualities and capabilities needed for success in every Arabian show division, together with sharing sound advice from top trainers and exhibitors to prepare for and then compete in such divisions as:

  • Saddle Seat
  • Hunter Pleasure/Show Hack
  • Western Pleasure
  • Sport Horse In-Hand/Under Saddle/Show Hack
  • Dressage
  • Hunters and Jumpers
  • Working Western
  • Trail
  • Reining
  • Working Cow and Cutting
  • Halter
  • Driving

In his preface, noted judge Pete Cameron calls the book "the ideal tool for success, providing an in-depth picture of the Arabian horse and his show world in a solid, friendly, intelligent, and readable way. For that reason, it will pilot the beginning horse owner through the show world, providing both the big picture and the details. It also will serve Arabian owners and fans of the breed. . . . Further, the book will guide future horse people and horse show spectators who want to understand what they are watching when they attend Arabian shows. And it will introduce the breed to those intrigued by the Arabian horse."