Product Description

A wonderfully unique and entertaining book! This extensive collection of true Arabic Names is now available from Syrian-born author Bachir Bserani. In this exciting book, Bachir Bserani supplies more than just a mere listing of Arabic words, he goes beyond by providing an extensive collection of true and appropriate Arabic Names suitable not only for Arabian jorses , but also for your precious Pets that you want to give a beautiful, meaningful and unique name. The Arabic Names are written in both the masculine and feminine form in Romanized Arabic as well as handwritten Arabic calligraphy. Additionally, beside each name is the English meaning as well as the phonetic pronunciation. While the second half of the book is the Arabic-English, and English-Arabic dictionary with meanings and translations, the first half of the book includes chapters on the author's background, along with a history of Arabian horses. There are also charming Arabian horse stories written from an authentic Middle Eastern perspective that express pure love and praise for these beautiful creatures through Bserani's natural story telling ability.

The stories tug at your heart strings bringing both laughter and tears. Filled with breathtaking, full-color photographs throughout. This is a fantastic one-of-a-kind publication! Educational and entertaining for adults as well as young adults and children. Highly attractive and good quality.  Arabian Horse