At 400 pages, this first volume of the Natural Marine Aquarium series takes a comprehensive look at the wide range of wondrous organisms both large and small for modern marine aquaria. Topics include extensive refugium and natural filtration methodologies, dynamic living vegetable and animal filters, and... of course, gorgeous photo galleries and information on husbandry for all the magnificent reef invertebrates suitable for study and display including shrimp, crabs, sea stars, live sand infauna, microcrustaceans & plankton, sponges, sea squirts, gastropods, giant clams and other bivalves, and much more! Heavily illustrated, this reference is handsome, entertaining and above all informative. Written by the highly regarded team of Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner, the authors bring their humor, wisdom and talent for the art of content provision to the reader with their uniquely humble yet passionate style of delivery. It is an essential guide for every conscientious marine aquarist seeking to finesse their fish or reef aquarium.