Product Description

Presented by Barbara Heidenreich

Companion parrot enthusiasts finally have a visual resource to access that offers a 'true' presentation of positive reinforcement training in action.

Once the foundation for understanding how to train a parrot has been achieved, Barbara takes the viewer through the step-by-step approximations involved in achieving:

  • Target Training
  • Turn Around on Cue
  • Wave on Cue
  • Step Up on Cue
  • Retrieve

Each of these behaviour chains is excellently filmed and close-ups are provided to highlight the perfect time to deliever reinforcing rewards.

The footage is clear, stable and perfectly accompanied by Barbara's easy to digest narrative. The editing is excellent and each training sequence offers a concise learning experience for the viewer.

This is essential addition to the companion parrot owner's toolkit - Highly Recommended.

View video from this author - Click here