The Connie Chicken Coop with nesting box is the perfect coop for your backyard.

Chickens make for versatile pets as they supply you eggs and meat not just for personal consumption but for sharing with others. Tending to these birds can also be an enjoyable hobby but as they are easily agitated, you need to furnish them with a safe and stable shelter.

This well-built double-storey chicken coop with nest box can make that job easier for you as it is designed to protect your pet fowls and ensure their comfort regardless of the season. It comes in a large size so that you can make room for several chickens without compromising their space for movement.

Made of eco-friendly Fir wood and sturdy mesh, Coops and Cages’ aim is to help you safeguard your chickens while looking after the environment. This large chicken coop houses three living areas making sure that your pets can nest comfortably without the strain of narrow spaces or changes in the weather. The sliding tray also makes it convenient for you to clean.