Learn about Donkeys at regular "Hands On" Workshops with Glynda Bluhm at "Alpaca Magic" at SuttonPrivate tuition is available for all workshops. Glynda will be happy to negotiate special workshop and/or workshop times with students who have already their own group (eg schools)

WORKSHOP: The Magic of Donkeys

Tutor: Glynda Bluhm

Location: Alpaca Magic

Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Includes Morning Tea & Lunch

At this "Hands On" Workshop you may well lose your heart to a donkey!

Donkey Magic DevorahWe have been adoring and breeding donkeys for over 30 years. They are comical, cute, cuddly and gentle, and are a perfect pet and first "pony" for small children.

The workshop caters especially for the beginner, with only a small group so that individual needs can be met. It is run in an informal atmosphere with ample opportunity to handle the animals, ask questions, take photos, and includes morning tea and lunch.

Come to meet and interact with our stallions Don Key-Oatey, Ambrose, Casanova and Little Beau Dean and our herd of around 40 mares & foals.

Please wear comfortable outdoor clothing, shoes and hat, and bring a notebook & pen, and a camera if you like. Morning tea and Lunch are included.

Donkey Magic Pedro

Topics include:

  • Care and management - feeding, foot care, health etc
  • Training and how to get the most out of your donkey
  • Breeding - the joy of having a donkey foal
  • Purchasing your donkey - what to look for
  • How much will a donkey cost to keep?
  • Agistment (boarding) livestock for city dwellers
  • And lots of opportunities to cuddle & photograph donkeys

For bookings, please download the WORKSHOP APPLICATION FORM from http://www.alpacamagic.com.au/ and send it, together with your cheque, to Alpaca Magic.

To enquire about workshops or donkeys for sale please contact Glynda Bluhm on 02 6230 3311 or visit http://www.alpacamagic.com.au/ 

Latest News

Istata the Orphaned Miniature Donkey Foal

Rejected by mother, or perhaps stolen by another female, little Istata was beaten & bruised by both mothers on the day she was born. By chance Glynda noticed donkey Tip Top away from the herd. On closer investigation, Tip Top had a miniature donkey foal by her side - but Tip Top had never been pregnant - so it wasn't her foal - and despite Tip Top's motherly instincts, she was not lactating and so couldn't feed the foal.

Efforts to restore this rare 9kg, 18" high, American Mediterranean Miniature donkey foal to her birth mother were spectacularly unsuccessful - every time the foal approached to nurse, mother Isabella kicked her away.

The foal, named Istata (a name from Greek mythology) spent her first night in the house, with 2 hourly feeds, with Tessa, the dog, happily washing Istata's face after each feed. As a temporary solution is was fine, but Istata really needed to live outside and needed a placid paddock pal for company.

Rasulka, a gentle, pregnant llama, shed-bound while recovering from a broken shoulder seemed like a possible option. The foal ran straight up to Rasulka and after a good sniffing by her new fluffy mum, tried to nurse. With amazement Glynda watched as Llama Rasulka allowed the new born donkey foal to suckle even though she had no milk.

Every 2 hours Glynda gave Istata 200 mls of formula, and frequently she would "nurse" from Rasulka. The big surprize was the day Istata finished pseudo-feeding and gave Glynda a big wet milky kiss. Llama Rasulka had come into milk for "her new "foal"!

Llama Sweet Pea birthed, 6 weeks prematurely and her baby, Saracen, needed lots of human attention. Istata found Saracen to be a most interesting play thing, so she spent many hours inspecting and encouraging Saracen to get up and play. Eventually he did and Saracen & Istata happily chased each other around each day.

As Rasulka approached the end of her pregnancy, she was less tolerant of Istata feeding from her. Istata however wasn't the least bit concerned - she decided that Sweet Pea would be her new Mummy, and her persistence paid off. Now Sweet Pea feeds both Saracen and Istata.