Internationally acclaimed equine artist & photographer Paul Daniel Gold can transform photographs of your beloved horse into a digitally mastered work of art that celebrate your special relationship.

About Horses in Heaven

Horses In Heaven, dedicated to preserving the eternal love you shared with your beloved horse.

It is my dearest wish for each of you to find a camaraderie and mutual fellowship by sharing your personal tales of your horse that celebrates the everlasting friendship, trust and continuous bond that will forever be in your hearts & memories.

I believe I am able to capture in a nostalgic and celebratory style, through my vision and heartfelt connection with animals, a rendering of your cherished companion that depicts a true and faithful portrayal that evokes the feelings you once shared in bygone days.

"The Story Behind The Portrait"

To enable my work I form an attachment from the shared account of your horse's life, first and foremost beginning with your special friend's name, which I then in turn reiterate to myself whilst creating their portrait, thus empowering this heartfelt soul connection to guide my creativity. The end result of which allows me to also form an artistic union with your horse, after all, I believe that in heaven no horse "belongs" to just one person, but that their majestic love is shared amongst all who care to embrace it.

Please allow me to transport via my equine portraiture studio, your favorite photo to a magical place in horse heaven. The portrait that I can create of your horse will be displayed forever in the gallery of your heart, upon your wall and here to share for all time with your fellow horse lovers.

How to Order

Email your jpeg to: Horses In Heaven, upon receipt of your photograph you will be sent a link to your private shopping cart gallery from which you will be able to make a payment via PayPal or credit card. Delivery time is 2 weeks. In order to ensure the quality of the artwork we suggest you submit the photograph you downloaded from your camera.