Over the years we have taken thousands (maybe millions!) of photos of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, cows, ferrets, guinea pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, birds, reptiles, snakes, fish and rats!

Knowing how much our dog Bello the Bichon means to us, we asked the question,

'are there others out there who are as potty about pets as we are?'

Needless to say - we discovered lots of potty pet lovers - and now capture this phenomenon with our cameras. Crazy pets, naughty pets, shy pets - Studio Noah Pet Photography photographs them all.

Studio Noah is based in Perth, Western Australia and specializes in pet photography. Their pet photography captures the special bond between people and their pets. During a two hour photo session, Studio Noah's photographers will take hundreds take of photos of the pet, with and without the owner, during a two hour session. It can take place at home, on the beach or anywhere the pet and owner are relaxed. Studio Noah often visit rural areas around Perth and beyond and travel extensively throughout Western Australia.

The results are engaging photos which, apart from making a grown man go gaga, acutely depict an animal's personality, and relationship to the world around.

We take hundreds of pet photographs ‘on location' during a two hour photo session. We travel extensively to capture owners and pets where they are most comfortable - either at home, the beach, the park or anywhere else you choose. And we love a challenge - from over excitable dogs to camera shy cats and easily distracted horses. Be assured - we have tricks up our sleeves!

Studio Noah is located at 209 Plain Street ,East Perth.

 Gift Vouchers

Our photography makes a very special gift. If your friends are as potty about pets as you are then there is no better way to say thank you, happy birthday, seasons greetings or MOZELTOV! To organise a gift voucher for your pet potty friend, please call the studio on (08) 9221 7271 or email us.