Our aviaries were established to breed & study Australian birds. Learning about our native and foreign birds, the knowledge gained can be used to ensure their survival now and for future generations.

We are aviculturalists that own a large private collection of birds in South East Queensland consisting of Australian Native Parrots, Lorikeets & Cockatoos along with some Exotic & Foreign Parrots. Our collection began as a hobby some 30 years ago with some of the more colourful Australian Parrots. Barry, (principal owner) has fostered a special interest in the native birds since he was a child back in the 60's. It has been his dream to keep & breed all of the cockatoos & parrots that individuals are permitted to keep, found native nowhere else in the world. The colourful name was after one of the unique tree species found specifically in the SouthEast Qld area where he grew up.

The collection came together & comprises of guaranteed pure & true-to-type species sourced from reputable registered breeders in different places throughout Australia. Through his love & interest in birds Barry personally has obtained a wealth of experience that he eagerly will discuss with others who also have an interest in successful keeping of birds. He has a Grad Cert App. Sc. Ornithology. Rosewood Bird Gardens & Breeding Farm has expanded into a complex with numerous aviaries, to house the different types & species of birds.

We breed & study the Australian birds particularly the Black Cockatoos and maintain each species and subspecies true- to -type. Our collection contains the four species of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, both Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo species, Latirostris White-tail Black Cockatoos and the Glossy Black Cockatoo (rarest of the Australian Cockatoos).

Over the years, we have found the necessity to incubate & have successfully hand raised abandoned eggs & chicks from our aviaries. Many trial & few errors have ensured that these birds are not lost. One of our success stories is with incubating and hand raising Glossy Black Cockatoos. These birds are now breeding themselves.

Our aim is to breed quality birds and to maintain at all times the different bloodlines to prevent and ensure that cross- breeding does not take place.

The numbers of healthy birds that we breed each season measures our success with both aviary bred & hand- raised birds. All the baby birds bred & especially those hand-raised require many hours of dedication, record keeping & application of practical commonsense.

Through our experiences, we have acquired a large amount of knowledge, enabling us to give friendly and helpful advice to all aviculturalist & bird keepers, besides offering for sale progeny to interested like-minded breeders.

Conditions of Sale

  • All birds are guaranteed aviary breed, pure and true to type.
  • All care will be taken to supply unrelated pairs where requested, but a guarantee cannot be given.
  • Order will be confirmed only if accompanied by a 10% deposit. Receipt supplied.
  • Bank details on sale page.
  • When deposit received, price does not change.
  • The client will be kept informed on the progress & availability.
  • We will freight birds anywhere in Australia. Price on application.
  • All birds on wildlife license will be accompanied with movement advice/permit to move.
  • Buyer must produce proof of license number for any birds listed as being registered.
  • Balance must be paid before freighting.
  • Freight boxes to be paid for by purchaser of bird/birds.
  • We will do all we can to ensure birds arrive in good condition but cannot give a guarantee as freight companies are not under our control.
  • Freight is in addition to bird price.


  • We will freight anywhere in Australia. Price on enquiry.
  • We supply freight boxes
  • Freight costs including box are the responsibility of purchaser.
  • Boxes must comply with legislation within guidelines of freight companies.
  • No birds will be freighted until receipt of purchase.
  • All birds freighted leave from Brisbane Airport.