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Hand Raising Foods for Birds

Parrot hand raising formula, Vetafarm, Hagen and Passwell hand rearing formulas for parrots, cockatoos, lorikeets and other seed eating and insectivorous birds.

Vetafarm Hand rearing formula

Vetafarm Neocare Hand Rearing Formula - 2.5kg

  • Price: AUD $66.00
  • Category: Hand Raising Formulas
  • Code: AVIA-130506-65
  • Available Sizes: 2.5kg

Item Description

NEOCARE follows nature by providing a form of "crop milk", essential for the well being of incubated babies and is a great help in those you pull from the nest to hand rear.

NEOCARE is suitable for commonly hand reared species including parrots, cockatoos, finches, canaries, pigeons and doves.Recommended in particular for all Parrots as a complete hand rearing formula. Suitable for use from hatching through to weaning.

Neocare should not be used with any other supplement, unless advised by a veterinarian. Neocare is a veterinary balanced food, mixing other foods or supplements will dilute the nutrition and unbalance a young birds diet. If hand feeding from hatching, an electrolyte formula should be fed for the first 24+ hrs or until the bird passes its first dropping. Neocare is then fed at a runny consistency and thickened over a period of days.

Key features: Extrusion cooked for safety and increased digestibility. Contains Probotic to promote healthy gut flora. Contains Pre-digestives to increase gut efficiency and ensure maximum absorption of nutrients. Scientifically balanced to ensure precise nutrition in baby birds. Contains all necessary vitamins, mineral, calcium and amino acids for growing bones, organ function and strong feather development.


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