Do you raise chickens as part of the family or as a livelihood? Are you looking for helpful information to provide the best care for your chickens? Or are you just curious to learn more about this popular animal?

Choosing and Keeping Chickens provides detailed information about the most prevalent types of chickens. Learn all about their appearance, key traits, general temperament, health concerns, and estimated life span. This book also describes characteristics of the eggs laid by each type of chicken as well as birds that best mix with each breed, so you can make better choices in setting up your coops. Seasonal guides detail the changing needs of chickens over the course of a year and reveal what every chicken keeper should look for as well as how to best arrange chicken housing during various climates.

Whether you seek help with your chicken keeping, or just want to know more about chickens, Choosing and Keeping Chickens can help you become more knowledgeable about this fascinating bird.

From the Back Cover

Chickens make great pets. They are cheap to buy, easy to keep, and will provide you with a constant supply of fresh eggs. These feathered friends will soon endear themselves to you with their entertaining ways, providing fun for the entire family.

With information on more than 50 of the most popular breeds, Choosing and Keeping Chickens will not only help you to find the chickens that are right for you, but will also teach you how to properly care for them.

From housing to feeding, health care to breeding, all the information you'll need is covered in expert detail.