A celebration of of this eye-catching all-American breed of horses.

With its distinctive spotted-rump "blanket" patch, the Appaloosa is among the most recognizable of horse breeds. Bred by the Nez Percé tribe for its mystical appearance and qualities, the breed is now used for competitive and pleasure riding.

The Legendary Appaloosa celebrates this breed, with the following chapters on the Appaloosa's history, its coat patterns and other physical characteristics, its bond with humans, and the breed's uses for pleasure riding and as a ranch horse, as well as in competitions such as horse show, rodeos, and endurance races:

  • An American Presence: The Legend
  • Nature's Work of Art: Coats of Many Colors
  • Dream in Color: Breeding Appaloosas
  • Babies, Babies: Appaloosa Foals
  • The Finest Friend: Companionship
  • Tack Up for the Trail: "All good things are wild and free."
  • At Work and Play: Performance

With more than 165 stunning color photographs that complement the authoritative and evocative text, The Legendary Appaloosa will be enjoyed by every lover of the breed and will be referred to and savored for years to come.