Product Description

At first glance, one photograph of a horse might seem much like another-or at least that's what you would think before seeing Gabrielle Boiselle's work. Just one glimpse at a Boiselle horse portrait and you'll always remember her inimitable style and her special poetry that will leave you breathless. Horses testifies to her tenacious and passionate work, which aims to convey the beauty, grace, fragility-and even the violence-of horses, through these gorgeous full-color images.

About the Author

After working for a few years as a journalist, Gabrielle Boiselle returned to her two first loves: photography and horses. Boiselle's exceptional artistic sensitivity, combined with her impeccable technique, have made her one of the world's most renowned artists in the challenging and very special sphere of equine photography.

A journalist, a writer, and a lover of horses, Agnès Galletier continues to pay tribute to these magnificent animals with her books. She strives to enable the public to better understand, and better love horses. She has published many works in conjunction with Gabrielle Boiselle, particularly in France.


Horses: Their Temperament and Elegance