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Parasite Control for Birds

Bird wormers, lice and mite sprays, scaly face mite treatments, coccidiostats.

Avian Insect LiquidatorVetafarm Wormout Gel

Coccivet from Vetafarm - 250ml

  • Price: AUD $44.00
  • Category: Parasite Control for Birds
  • Code: PARA-010638-60
  • Available Sizes: 250ml

Item Description

Liquid Coccidiosis treatment for use in water.

Recommended for the treatment of Coccidiosis in pigeons and ornamental birds.

Coccivet should not be mixed with other products.

Key features: Coccidiosis treatment with much better activity against parasites than Sulphur treatments. Completely safe and very effective. Mixes easily in water.

Available: 50ml and 250ml


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