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Hand Feeding Syringes and Medicating Syringes

Rubber O-ring disposable similar to Basik Sringes and re-useable plexi syringes. Ideal for hand feeding and medicating. Plexi syringes have metal screw thread lurelock fittings for secure attachment of needles.

Handfeeding syringes - Bovivet and Basik

50ml Plexi Syringe

  • Price: AUD $24.20
  • Category: Feeding Syringes for Animals
  • Code: HAND-080328-11

Item Description

50ml Plexi Syringe . Re-useable, sterilisable by boiling. Metal lurelock fitting. Comes with a spare set of washers. Can be taken apart for cleaning and easily reassembled. Metal lureock fitting which allows metal needles and crop needles to screw in securely.


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