Rosemary Low, one of the world's most prolific avian authors, presents this comprehensive title which ABK Publications regard as the essential reference for all owners of Grey Parrots, whether they are pets or breeders

Comprehensive information on the Grey Parrot in the Wild and as a Companion Bird makes this title a valuable reference for any owner of such an intelligent bird

168-pages in beautiful colour feature African and Congo Grey Parrots


  • History
  • In the Wild
  • Worldwide Trade
  • Subspecies and Physical Characteristics
  • Grey Parrots in Captivity
  • Breeding of Grey Parrots
  • Handrearing of Grey Parrots
  • A Healthy Diet for the Grey Parrot
  • African Grey Parrots as Companion Birds
  • Disease and Disorders
  • Dietary Deficiencies