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Books on Companion Birds, Aviary and Wild Birds

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Black Cockatoo book

Bird Health book

A Guide to Gouldian Finches and Their Mutations (Revised Edition)

  • Publisher: Australian Birdkeeper Publications
  • Author(s): Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler
  • Pages: 240
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Price: AUD $48.50
  • Format: Bird Books - Softcover (Paperback)
  • ISBN: 978 0975081716

Item Description

Product Description

Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler, with input by Dr Stacey Gelis, Russell Kingston, Dr Debra McDonald, David Myers and Sarah Pryke, have combined to produce the definitive work on what is arguable the world's most beautiful and popular passerine.

With 240 pages and over 100 colour plates, this book, based on many years of research and experience, is a wealth of information, covering the species in the wild and of the breeding in captivity, health and diseases, nutrition, ultraviolet vision, mutations and genetics and much more.


In The Wild - Taxonomy; Distribution; Field Description
Housing - Regions; Structures; Materials; Nesting; Temperature Control; Transportation; Carry Boxes; Quarantine
Nutrition - Diets; Supplements; Softfoods; Sprouted Seeds; Dry Seed
Breeding - Stock Selection; Pairs; Preparation; Egg Laying and Incubation; Nestlings; Breeding Mutations
Mutations - Varying Mutations; Recessive Inheritance Table; Colour Mutations; Genetic Inheritance; Gene Action; Pigmentation and Colour Production; Head Colours; Body Colour; Rare Mutations; Colour Combinations
Health and Disease - Natural Behaviour; Disease; Prevention; Diagnosis; Diseases and Disorders


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