The 112 pages of the book feature full colour photographs throughout, sketches, tables and easy-to-read valuable information. From finches to macaws, Dr Mike Cannon discusses common diseases, quarantine procedures, worming, parasite control, recognising health and nutritional problems, use of antibiotics, working with your avian veterinarian, and basic steps required to maintain healthy birds and good aviary management. 


  • Why Do Birds Get Sick?
  • So You Have a Sick Bird!
  • How Do I Know if my Bird is Sick?
  • Signs of Illness
  • How to do a Physical Examination?
  • How to Make Your Visit to the Veterinarian more Successful?
  • First Aid
  • Purchasing
  • Annual Health Examination for Pet Birds
  • Hints on Keeping Birds in Captivity
  • How to Set Up a Quarantine Program?
  • Medicating Birds
  • Bird Restraint
  • List of Common Diseases According to the Species
  • Post-Mortem Examination for the Aviculturist
  • Antibiotics in Aviculture
  • Avian Parasite Control
  • Psittacosis
  • DisinfectionDiagrams


Features of a Typical Bird
The Alimentary Canal of a Typical Bird
The Respiratory Tract of a Typical Bird


Table of Antibiotics
Common Parasiticides