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Books on Companion Birds, Aviary and Wild Birds

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Black Cockatoo book

Bird Health book

A Guide to Australian Long and Broadtailed Parrots and NZ Kakarikis

  • Publisher: Australian Birdkeeper Publications
  • Author(s): Kevin Wilson
  • Pages: 88
  • Price: AUD $27.45
  • Format: Bird Books - Softcover (Paperback)
  • ISBN: 978 0958745536

Item Description

Product Description

This full colour 88-page title features beautiful photography throughout. Each of the 12 species is featured in its own chapter and includes a distribution map and general information specific to that species

General Management

  • Managing Disease and Injury
  • Caring for New Arrivals
  • How Old Are Your Birds?
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Nutritional Requirements of Young Birds
  • Pelleted Diets
  • Dietary Components
  • Vitamins and Minerals at a Glance
  • Failure to Breed


  • The Need for Heat and Humidity
  • Feeding Formulas
  • How Much?
  • How Often?
  • Keeping the Food Warm
  • Utensils for Feeding
  • Weaning


Crimson-winged Parrot
Princess Parrot
Regent Parrot
Superb Parrot
King Parrot
Red-capped Parrot
Mallee Ringnecked Parrot
Cloncurry Parrot
Port Lincoln Parrot
Twenty-eight Parrot
Red-fronted Kakariki
Yellow-fronted Kakariki


Parrots, broad tailed parrots, king parrots, 28 parrots, Australian parrots, kakarikis