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Bee & Butterfly Calendars

Browse for calendars featuring beautiful butterflies, bees and other insects. A great gift for macro and nature photography lovers.


Butterflies 2014 Calendar

  • Publisher: Blane Webster Photography
  • Author(s): Blane Webster Photography
  • Pages: 12
  • Price: USD $7.99
  • Format: Insect Calendars
  • ISBN: B00D5DNVG4

Item Description

The delicate and illusive butterfly has been elegantly captured in this alluring calendar featuring 12 stunning butterfly images in vibrant scenes. Photographer Blane Webster's eye for detail will make you feel like each butterfly has perched itself in front of you to contemplate its life of transformation and exquisite beauty. Each butterfly can be later framed to enjoy since the punch holes for hanging were carefully positioned in the border. The calendar is uniquely small enough at 7x14 inches to conveniently hang in an office, place on a desk or even attach to a refrigerator with a magnet. Every page is beautifully printed on heavy, premium glossy paper and includes the previous and upcoming month for easy reference, holidays and moon phases, and a space for notes. A two-page notes section in the back for listing birthdays, anniversaries and more also features a vivid collage of butterflies. Printed in the U.S.A. All photographs © 2014 - Blane Webster Photography.

  • Stunning, colorful and vibrant!
  • A small hole provided for hanging the calendar. The hole is in the boarder and does not perforate the picture.
  • Beautifully printed on glossy heavy paper stock.
  • Printed in the United States

Butterflies Calendar


butterfly calendar