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Spider & Insect Books- eBooks

Animalinfo's online book resource specializes in pet care publications. Choose from a wide range of current eBook titles dedicated to providing the latest information on keeping insects and spiders and other invertebrates.

Tarantula Care Book

Tarantula Care

  • Publisher: TFH Publications
  • Author(s): Robert G. Breene
  • Pages: 64
  • Price: USD $0.99
  • Format: Spider & Insect Books - eBooks
  • ISBN: ASIN: B005KL9GZ4

Item Description

With quick and easy instructions, Tarantula Care provides all of the necessary information needed to choose a tarantula and keep it healthy and happy. This book includes chapters on biology, housing, and feeding. Full of quick-tip boxes and full-color photos, Tarantula Care ensures success with these fascinating creatures.


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