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Handfeeding - Thermometers, Hygrometers & Scales

Shop for food testing thermometers, probe thermometers, brooder thermometers, digital thermometer/hygrometers, incubation thermometers, weighing scales.

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  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

    Handy digital thermometer/ hygrometer suitable for use in brooders and hospital boxes for monitoring humidity and temperature inside the brooder.

    Price: AUD $19.95
    Category: Handfeeding Accessories
  • Digital Probe Thermometer

    Stainless steel digital probe thermometer ideal for testing the temperature of hand feeding formulas.

    Price: AUD $19.80
    Category: Handfeeding Accessories
  • Wireless In & Out Thermometer and Hygrometer

    An advanced thermometer/hygrometer capable of measuring indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as relative humidity indoors. Ideal for measuring the temperature inside brooders.

    Price: AUD $29.70
    Category: Handfeeding Accessories
  • 1kg Digital Bench Scale

    Ideal for weighing small animals and hand feeding formulas. Precision 1kg electronic scale with resolution of 0.01g for when a high degree of accuracy is required.

    Price: AUD $143.00
    Category: Handfeeding Accessories