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Books on Companion Birds, Aviary and Wild Birds

Browse for bird books online, books on bird care, companion bird care books, wild bird books, photographic books on birds. Animalinfo's online book directory specializes in pet care publications including books on birds.

Black Cockatoo book

Bird Health book

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  • Under the Microscope - Microscope Use and Pathogen Identification

    This easy-to-read reference has been produced to provide basic training in microscope use and pathogen identification for aviculturists and herpetologists.

    Price: AUD $22.95
    Format: Bird Books - Softcover (Paperback)
    Author(s): Dr Danny Brown BSc(Hons), BVSc(Hons), MACVSc (Avian Health)
  • A Guide to Australian White Cockatoos

    Richly illustrated and full of practical hints, this well-researched, easy to read book features facets of the author's personal experience with the Australian White Cockatoo family which shine throughout its 112 full colour pages.

    Price: AUD $30.75
    Format: Bird Books - Softcover (Paperback)
    Author(s): Chris Hunt
  • A Guide to Australian Grassfinches

    The 18 members of the Australian Grassfinch Estrildid family are featured in detail. 160 colour photographs support the 80 pages of text and diagrams indicate visual differences. A must for every finch breeder's library.

    Price: AUD $26.35
    Format: Bird Books - Softcover (Paperback)
    Author(s): Russell Kingston
  • A Guide to Basic Health and Disease in Birds

    This title has proven to be one of the most sought after and respected titles worldwide in the A Guide to range of ABK Publications-a credit to the author, Dr Michael Cannon. His devotion and concern for all aspects of avian health and husbandry have been reflected in this revised edition

    Price: AUD $27.95
    Format: Bird Books - Softcover (Paperback)
    Author(s): Dr Michael J Cannon
  • A Guide to Lories and Lorikeets (Revised Edition)

    This 152-page revised edition includes new chapters on Lories and Lorikeets as Pets, Diseases and Disorders in Lories and Lorikeets and Colour Mutations and Breeding Expectations

    Price: AUD $36.30
    Format: Bird Books - Softcover (Paperback)
    Author(s): Peter Odekerken