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Bird Books, Aviary, Wild, Companion Bird Books

Shop online for bird books, books on bird care, companion bird care books, wild bird books, photographic books on birds. Animalinfo's online book directory specializes in pet care publications including books on birds.  

Bird books online Bird books online

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  • A Guide to Rosellas & Their Mutations

    The 216 pages include 455 colour photographs of Rosella Mutations. The title provides Extensive Genetic Details on Primary and Combination Mutations Bred Worldwide.

    Price: AUD $75.00
    Format: Bird Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Russell Pringle
  • A Guide to Black Cockatoos as Pet and Aviary Birds

    Authored by successful parrot breeders Neville and Noddy Connors, this title featuring 300 colour photographs over 160 pages is available in hard and soft cover.

    Price: AUD $59.50
    Format: Bird Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Neville and Enid Connors
  • A Guide to Cockatiels and Their Mutations

    This revised edition features 375 colour images over 300 pages depicting all Mutations established worldwide. This title is a must for both Pet and Breeding enthusiasts.

    Price: AUD $65.00
    Format: Bird Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Diana Andersen , Dr Terry Martin BVSc
  • A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds

    This title authored by prolific avicultural author, Rosemary Low, stands alone when compared to many other books on the Grey Parrot. Rosemary presents interesting and diverse snippets gathered from various keeper's personal experiences in pet and aviary situations. Supported by numerous colour images.

    Price: AUD $54.00
    Format: Bird Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Rosemary Low