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Dog Books - Hardcover

Animalinfo's online book resource specializes in pet care publications including books on Dogs. Browse a wide range of current titles dedicated to providing the latest information on companion animal care.  Click here for more information on our books.

Getting to Know Dogs

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  • Getting to Know Dogs

    This comprehensive, easy to use guide covers topics including the history and origin of the domestic dog, popular breeds, locating and choosing a healthy dog or puppy, the first days at home, diet, basic training and an extensive section on maintaining the health and wellbeing of your canine companion.

    Price: AUD $16.50
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Animalinfo Publications - Diana Andersen
  • World of Doberman Pinschers

    Essential to the doberman owner, including history throughout the world, breeding, selection and puppy care, judging and conformation of the doberman, obedience, including schutzhund work, and much much more. 625 pp. / 800+ color photos.

    Price: USD $182.81
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Anna Katherine Nicholas
  • Dogs

    Dogs, multi-award-winning photographer Tim Flach's stunning follow-up to the critically acclaimed Equus, delves deep into the psyche of this enduring bond with Dogs to present an exquisite study of "man's best friend."

    Price: USD $34.63
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Lewis Blackwell, Tim Flach
  • How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

    For the millions of people every year who consider bringing a puppy into their lives-as well as those who have already brought a dog home-Cesar Millan, the preeminent dog behavior expert, says, "Yes, you can raise the perfect dog!"

    Price: USD $15.69
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Cesar Millan
  • Conquering Ring Nerves: A Step-by-Step Program for All Dog Sports

    Whether you're new to dog sports or an experienced dog handler, it's quite common to experience mild to severe performance anxiety during competition. Now you can face and overcome your anxiety through a successful program. Kindle Edition.

    Price: USD $21.22
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Mayer, Diane Peters
  • Alaskan Malamute (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)

    This book is an excellent introduction to the Alaskan Malamute, including a look at the breed's fascinating origins, special traits and characteristics. The book discusses the breed standard and offers advice on selecting a well-bred puppy, raising the puppy, housebreaking and obedience lessons, grooming and much more.

    Price: USD $11.66
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Thomas Stockman
  • The New Work of Dogs

    Often people acquire and love dogs with little awareness that they might have complex and revealing reasons for choosing the dog or pet they choose, loving it the way they do.

    Price: USD $1.84
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Jon Katz
  • Kindred Spirits - How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way we Live

    Treating animals just as any healer would treat human beings, Allen Schoen has become one of America's most celebrated veterinarians. Kindred Spirits shares the transformative power of his remarkable methods.

    Price: USD $3.99
    Format: Dog Books - Hardcover
    Author(s): Schoen, Allen M. Dvm Ms