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Spider & Insect Books- eBooks

Browse for ebooks on entomology, bee keeping and keeping spiders and insects for Kindle and other ebook readers.

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  • Tarantula Keeper's Guide, 2nd Ed.

    The book is filled with color photos and scientifically accurate line art, most of which examples are new to this second edition. Since its initial publication, hobbyists have come to consider this book the "Bible of Arachnoculture."

    Price: USD $9.45
    Format: Arachnid & Insect eBooks
    Author(s): Stanley A. Schultz, Marguerite J. Schultz
  • Tarantula Care

    With quick and easy instructions, Tarantula Care provides all of the necessary information needed to choose a tarantula and keep it healthy and happy. This book includes chapters on biology, housing, and feeding.

    Price: USD $0.99
    Format: Arachnid & Insect eBooks
    Author(s): Robert G. Breene