Lindon Estate breeds the world's answer for organically controlling pests, rodents and snakes. Unlike chickens Guinea Fowl rarely, if at all, harm vegs, plants or produce.

Guniea Fowl are also great watchdogs alerting to potential danger from above in the form of eagles and chicken hawks and have been seen warding off foxes when their flock numbers are large enough.

Looking like a cross between a chicken and a turkey, the Guinea Fowl is certainly weird looking with its oddly shaped helmet, white featherless face, bright red wattles and grey feathers dotted with tiny white posts and grey stocking on their legs from ankle to thigh.

While they come in a variety of colours, Lindon Estate only breed the traditional solid pearl-grey colouring inclusive of grey stocking on the legs (not orange) and the Lavender ( much paler in colouring than the pearl-greys).

Guinea fowl are best purchased while still keets (young Guinea fowl) because of the strong territorial bond they will form with their ‘home'. And it is a perfect environment if they are raised with chicks to ensure they will bond, and be nice, to your chickens, ducks etc later on.

Guinea fowl's breeding season is from roughly the beginning of September through to February / March. Of course the weather can play a large part in these dates.

Keets are generally available from the end of October through to (possibly) May.

If purchasing keets early or late in the breeding season, then a heat source in the form of a heat lamp will be required especially overnight and for those sudden cold days.

While we run an approximate breeding flock of 70 Guinea fowl, pre - ordering well ahead of the breeding season is very important as it is rare for any to hatch without a destination.

Feel free to contact us at any time as we are more than happy to just answer your questions too.