More than just a likeness- portraits with life! " Your portraits capture more life than a photo ever could! Vanessa Remember great times forever. Capture your equine mate in a stunning portrait !

I bring your photos to life in paintings that will touch your heart!

I have won prizes for my portraits .

You can feel confident that  your horse and rider portrait will look stunning as the rider will be painted with as much skill as the horse.

Many portraits can be let down  because the artist can paint horses but not people!

I have a satisfaction guarantee that both will look amazing! ( with clear photos)

It's rare to get a photo that does justice to both a horse and the rider - don't  make do - Have me create your stunning ideal portrait!

Using several photos I can create that perfect memory!

With suitable photos I can change the expression on your face , seat , subtly adjust the horses pose , get rid of distracting backgrounds.

By using selective detailing I put the feeling back into the moment and use colour to create a portrait with stunning impact!

Memorial portraits , gift portraits , a lifelong treasured possession

 Portraits delivered Australia and internationally - satisfaction guarantee

 Custom framing available - I can courier your portrait to your door ready to hang or unveil for that special person!

 Award winning artist and business