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Born in Ramsgate England, Isobel had her first ride on a donkey at Brighton Beach, at the age of 5. After moving to Vancouver Island, Canada with her family in 1965 she continued to ride whatever had hooves and didn't run away. By the age of 12 she had her own horse, a large rogue gelding who would just as soon buck as walk. Two years later they won the open jumper in the B.C. festival of sports. About this time Isobel discovered Dressage. For the next 2 decades she rode Dressage exclusively, taking instruction from the likes of Hilda Gurney and Lizzy Loriston-Clark. She also had many students of her own. Isobel and her husband Richard, also opened a restaurant and pub in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Then in 2002 tragedy struck when she was the passenger in a truck and trailer accident. She broke her back and several ribs plus internal injuries.  Fortunately she was able to walk after a lengthy recuperation. No longer able to ride at the level she had been, Isobel was at a loss as to what to do next. Then in 2003, her husband bought her a digital camera for Christmas. Isobel had always been an artist, selling paintings and drawings, so this seemed like a natural progression. And she could stay involved with horses. As you can see in her work she is a perfectionist, always trying to get "the shot". Isobel is now busy at horse shows and events and her work now appears on many web sites and equine publications. Isobel continues to live in the Comox Valley with her husband and son as well as many large and small creatures, including a deer that thinks it's a dog.