Award winning equine photographer Linda Finstad is available for farm shoots, stallion promotion and private bookings, please book early - show and event photography also available

About Linda Finstad and 'A Sharper Image' Photography

We love them we brag about them and are thrilled to show them off. After all they are valued members of our families. What better way to have them in our hearts always than with a professional portrait, which captures your horse's unique personality.

I am an Equine photographer - this is my job and my passion. During the summer I work at various horse shows and events as the official show photographer - I am also available for private and farm shoots. 

Stud Promotion Cards from A Sharper Image

Any breeder knows that in order to effectively market or promote an exceptional stallion you need beautiful & outstanding photos to show of their greatest qualities. With outstanding photos of your stallion you have already improved your chance of generating more interest in your stallion for breeding.

With technology today the breeder has far more opportunities to promote their stallion by the use of websites & online classified sites. As well as the more traditional forms of advertising such as magazine ads, flyers, show displays, stall signs and Stallion cards.

There is nothing new about post card marketing however it can also be used as a cost effective way to promote stud animals.

From as little as 35 cents each.