Sya Long Ear Rescue are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of donkeys and mules in need. We provide educational opportunities that increase awareness of the human and long ear bond

About Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

New England's only 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit donkey and mule rescue.

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue was incorporated as a 501-(c)(3), non-profit organization in 2007. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of donkeys and mules in need. By providing educational opportunities that increase awareness of the human/animal bond as well as the specific needs of long ears, SYA is able to improve the lives of donkeys and mules everywhere.

Adoption Process

The first step in adopting a donkey or mule from SYALER is to fill out an adoption application. You can either e-mail or snail mail your application to us. Once you have submitted your application, contact us via e-mail or phone to talk with a SYALER representative about animals currently in the rescue who might be a good match for you. Once we have received your application and talked with you, we will call and talk with the references that you provided us with. Home checks are also done when possible.

At any point during this process you are welcome to schedule a time to come meet the donkeys and mules currently at the rescue. Once we have reviewed your application and contacted your references, you'll just have to sign the adoption contract and you will be all set to take your new donkey and/or mule home! It is important to know that SYALER will only adopt a donkey or mule out to a home where there are other equines for company. If you currently don't have other equines you will only be able to adopt from SYALER if you adopt two donkeys and/or mules. If you need help finding a ride home for your new long ear, ask us about our transportation services.

How Can You Help Sya Long Ear Rescue?

All contributions/donations made to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue, be they monetary or other, are tax deductible!

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue is a non-profit, public charity that depends on your donations to help the donkeys and mules. We are unpaid volunteers and all contributions go directly to care for the animals. Funds are desperately needed. Please send a tax deductable contribution to the following address:

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue
23 Saw Mill Road
South Acworth, NH 03607

All the donkeys and mules needing grain at SYALER are fed Blue Seal Sentinel Performance or Blue Seal Sentinel Senior. We buy all our grain at Community Feeds in Westminster, VT. You can buy bags of grain for the animals at the rescue when you visit Community Feeds and we will pick them up on our next grain run. This is a great way to help the long ears at the rescue, even if you can only buy one bag of grain.

There are many ways that you can held support the animals at the rescue and the work that SYA does.

Adopt: Being able to provide a loving home for a donkey and/or mule in the rescue will create space for another long ear the needs SYA's help. Visit the Adoption Info page to find out more about adopting from us and check out the For Adoption page to see which animals are currently available.

Volunteer: Volunteers are always needed and there are many different things that we need help with. Help cleaning pens is always needed but we're also looking for experienced equine people who can help teach basic ground manners to the animals in the rescue. We also welcome help from people who have experience in fund raising and/or grant writing who are willing to donate their time and knowledge to help us. No matter what your skills are we can put you to work.

Donate: SYA is run entirely on the generous donations from our supporters and community. Even a small amount helps to make a big difference in the lives of the animals at SYA.

Buy a Bale: Just $5 buys a bale of hay.

1hr/1wk: Save one hour of pay each week to put towards a donation to SYA. This small amount of money each week really adds up and can make a life of difference to the donkeys and mules that we work toward helping. One way to make this program even more sucessful is to get several people in your office to participate and donate one hour of pay each week to SYA.

GoodSearch: Use to do all of your internet searching. Every time you do a search on GoodSearch a donation is made to SYA. Set GoodSearch as your home page so you are reminded to use it every time you log on to the internet!

MissionFish/Ebay: - We are a registered MissionFish/Ebay charity. Go to to find out how you can help support SYA by using