Our aim is to breed Miniature Horses that possess soundness, movement, refinement and good temperament in a variety of colours, mainly Appaloosa, Pinto and Sabino.

"Where Spots are Special"

Serendipity Farm was established in 1999 when we became smitten with the wonder of the Miniature Horse!!!

Due to our increase in numbers we recently relocated to a larger property in a picturesque valley of the Ormeau Hills, Kingsholme, Queensland. We are located halfway between the Gold Coast & Brisbane, only approximately 12 minutes from Dreamworld.

Our aim is to breed Miniature Horses that possess soundness, movement, refinement & good temperament in a variety of colours. However we refuse to sacrifice type & soundness for colour!!! Colours we are concentrating on are mainly Appaloosa, Pinto & Sabino.

We are also endeavouring to use not only proven show winning stallions but also show winning mares as our breeding stock. Don't forget that the stallion is only 50% of the recipe. We believe that you have to START with QUALITY to breed QUALITY!!

Our original herd stallion "Bluebeer Showman" (Showman), a Near Leopard Appaloosa, was purchased as I felt he was a very correct little horse with a great temperament along with the much desired soundness. He has lovely straight legs & tracks beautifully when moving out. To top it off he had colour to burn & has gone on to produce QUALITY, SHOW WINNING STOCK. The true test of a GREAT Stallion!!!

With the purchase of our second herd sire "Atlanta El Dorado" (Riley), a 75% American Chestnut & White Pinto Sabino, we have introduced the famous bloodlines of BOND SNIPPET & 4G'S FULLERS EQUALIZER (imp USA). Riley possess super horse refinement, wonderful length of rein, not to mention colour & unbelievable movement!! Both Showman's & Riley's foals possess wonderful temperaments & many more of their parents fine attributes.