• Name: Sietske Nobel
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  • Town/Suburb: Yornup
  • State/Province: Western Australia
  • Country: Australia
  • Website: http://equibalance.com.au/

Inspired by horseman like Klaus Hempfling, I developed my own way of working and communicating with horses. I can help you and your horse to build a better relationship through feel and communication.

Natural Horsemanship

I got involved in Natural Horsemanship in 1991 after seeing Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling giving a demo in Holland. Since that demo I started reading and learning more about Natural Horsemanship. Inspired by horseman like Klaus Hempfling, Monty Roberst, Pat Parelli, Emiel Voest, Klaus Hempfling, Chris Irwin, Alexander Nevzorov, Linda Tellington Jones and many more, I developed my own way of working/communicating with horses. I'm convinced that the behaviour of a horse not only has to do with the way you train or work, but (much) more with the way you keep a horse.

In Holland it's very common to keep a horse in a stable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They only come out when the owner wants to go for a ride.
You'll find a lot of behaviour 'problems' with these horses, although I'm better of saying that the owners have problems.

Even a lot of people that call themselves Natural Horseman, they do a lot of things that in my mind aren't very natural, like using spurs, bits and methods where they use a lot of pressure.

I've spend a lot of time studing about natural behaviour, I had a chance to see the wild prezwalski horses in Mongolia and the 'wild' horses in National Parks in Holland.

My horses are always outside, they can run whenever they want, they can shelter whenever they want, they can eat whole day if they want. They have other horses around to play with, even my stallion Tango is never alone and has his own herd of mares.

A horse isn't born and built to sit/ride on, so if we want to do so, we're better of doing it the most convenient way for the horse.
I can help you building a better relationship with your horse through feel and communication.


I offer a number of different weekend workshops. Visit our website for more details.

Introduction to Bitless Riding

During this weekend you'll learn what you need to do to get your horse prepared.

You'll find out everything about bitless riding, including:

  • the history of bitless riding and bitless bridles
  • the influence of the bit, history of the bit
  • some anatomy of the horses mouth
  • information on the different bitless bridles available
  • bitless riding
  • riding in balance and harmony with your horse
  • how balanced are you?

Besides some theoretical we're going to do practical work. You'll get the tools to get you started and then you can use them at home.

Visit our website for more details.