Cat Groomer with over 7 years experience with handling and grooming cats, without sedation, with tender loving care.

Professional Dog and Cat Grooming by a  Professional Pet Groomer and Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Cat Grooming without sedation is a premium and exclusive service that Lexie provides. Lexie uses her experience and knowledge from workshops, seminars, and courses to groom your cat with no stress, no dogs*, and no sedation!

Cat Grooming is COMPLETELY different from Dog Grooming and therefore it should be not treated the same, I am not just a dog and cat groomer, I am studying to become a Certified Master Cat Groomer. Cats are very different, they need to be handled and groomed differently, doing so can increase your cats stress causing a bad experience.

No Sedation. I use aromatherapy and technique to complete the grooming process.

I can groom 95% of cats without sedation! I have you STAY for the whole first groom to see exactly how your cat is being handled and groomed, showing you how to comb your cat, what to use and how to prevent hair and skin issue, and answer any questions you may have.

Clipping of coat (lion clip)
Sanitary and underarm clipping,
Mat removal
Undercoat removal
Bathing and blowdrying with Cat Shampoo Nail Clipping
Ear Cleaning
Nail Cap applications
Creative Grooming when asked for

I will help you prevent mats, pelting, shedding of coat, allergies and parasites.


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