Suitable from newborn to 12 week old kittens - 12 Collars, 12 different Colours - Self-Attaching and lightweight - Easy wrap-around design - Adjustable, Durable - Washable and Reusable

See why breeders from all around Australia and New Zealand are going crazy for these collars

What makes our bands different?

With our new improved Velcro bands you can be rest assured our bands will not attach to other kitten collars, they are adjustable, no buckle or strings, easy wrap-around design, and require a great deal of strength to loosen or detach (even for the most mischievous kittens).

- Suitable from Newborn to 12 weeks

- 12 Collars, 12 different colours

- Self-Attaching and lightweight

- Easy wrap-around design

- Adjustable

- Durable

- Won’t stick to other collars or bedding (if applied correctly)

- Washable and Reusable

*** Also available for Puppies ***

 Our ID bands come in a variety of sizes from newborn kittens to 12 week old kittens. 

 Each package comes with 12 assorted colour id bands.


8"L x 3/8" W
Suitable for kittens from birth to 8-12 weeks

12" L x 3/8" W
Suitable for larger breed/longer haired kittens from 4 to 12 weeks