Pet Portraits of dogs, cats and horses by professional artists Melanie and Nicholas specializing in realistic oil paintings and pencil drawings, sent worldwide!

My name is Melanie and I am a professional pet portrait artists working alongside my husband Nicholas Beall. I create all of the pet portraits in pencil and Nicholas creates all of the portraits in oils on canvas. 

We work from a little garden studio in the heart of west Wales UK and send our portraits far and wide, including Australia! 

We paint all animals, mainly dogs, cats and horses and you can take a look at our website to see a few of the portraits that we have created, including wonderful testimonials from clients, information on how to commission us and read about us too. 

Our most popular section of our website to visit is our blog where you can watch the portraits progress in stages and also read about whats happening in the studio on a daily basis! 

We look forward to seeing your photos, let us know all about your pets, we look forward to seeing photos of them soon! 

Melanie and Nicholas