I can turn your photo of your dog into a beautiful digital painted work of art. You can commission me to do your very own one of a kind digital painting of your cherished pet!

About Cazzie's Creations

Welcome to Cazzie's Creations! I can turn your photo into a Beautiful digital painted work of art. You can commisson me to do your very own one of a kind Digital painting of your cherished pet! Specializing in Dogs (my passion) but will do any loved pet!

What a wonderful way to Preserve your cherished pet or a beautiful gift to give to my pet lover! My paintings are not a push a button filter type painting ! Every digital painting I do is done carefully by hand using a digital stylus tablet brush stroke by brush stroke!

To order a commissioned work of art all you need to do is email me a Good qualitity photo of your pet! The better the qualitity of your photo the better the portrait will be. I can paint from small photos but the larger the photo the more detail I have to work from!

When taking your pet photos try to get a good clear, sharp close up in good light. Try to take it at the pets eye level. If you need to scan the photo to make a digital file to email me. Scan the original at 300dpi. Once I have finished your art work I will email you a proof , then all you need to do is either pay using direct debit, cheque or money order.

Then I will post your print out to you! My art work takes 2 to 3 weeks! Please visit my website for more examples of my art!


About Digital Painting

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc can be put into effect!

The main difference between digital and traditional painting is I don't have the mess, smell or clean up of traditional painting. With Digital painting I can  arrange my painting in layers that can be edited independently. Also, the ability to undo and redo strokes is a great advantage.  A digital artist has at their disposal several tools not available to the traditional painter. Some of these include: a virtual palette consisting of millions of colors, almost any size canvas or media, and the ability to take back mistakes, as well as erasers, pencils, spray cans, brushes, combs, etc. And the advantage of being able to print the painting out on so many different mediums - Canvas, paper, T-shirts etc!! My graphics tablet allows me to work with precise hand movements simulating a real pen and drawing surface. Instead of a canvas or sketchbook, I use my tablet to display strokes that would appear with the touch of a pen to the tablet’s surface. Tablets can be pressure sensitive, allowing the vary the intensity of the chosen media on the screen.