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Your dog will have a holiday as good as yours when they stay in the home of a carefully-selected, caring "Don't Fret Pet!" minder. GUARANTEED…or your money back! Call 1300 30 70 21


How would you like to have your dog minded by a caring family who will take them into their home and spoil them, so that you can enjoy your holiday more without having to worry?

"Don't Fret Pet!", established in 1993, is Australia's original provider of the dog boarding service where your dog goes to stay in the home of a carefully-screened minder.   The dog friendly accommodation service provides you with a wonderful, caring, dog kennels alternative. No need to leave your dog in a cage or at home alone.  We are not a pet resort, we are a home away from home.


Our Minders - Loving Dogs is Their Business
Your dog will be welcomed into the home of a dog lover in dog friendly accommodation.  Feel completely relaxed on holiday knowing that your dog is getting the attention they deserve in the same dog friendly and safe environment as your home.  You will meet your Minder in advance for total peace of mind.  If your own dog would like the company of another pooch from time to time ask us about becoming a "Don't Fret Pet!" minder.

Comforts of Home - A Little Reminder of You
One of the most important elements of the "Don't Fret Pet!" dog boarding service is ensuring your dog has some reminders of home.  Little things like having the same food and packing their bed and some of their favourite toys make for a happy pooch and ensures there are no upset tummies.

Indoor Pooch - No Problem
Our Minders appreciate the importance of treating your pooch like a member of the family and will welcome your dog inside their home.  Naturally, because we are a quality service, your dog will be the only one that we book with your Minder during their stay.

Puppies Welcome!
Having trouble finding somewhere to have your puppy minded?  Dog kennels can't take them as your pup's health could be at risk.  Our pet friendly accommodation is one of the few alternatives where it is safe for puppies to be minded.  As we are not a dog kennel it is safe for your puppy to stay with one of our minders.

Care and Convenience - Making it Easy
We will match your dog with a Minder in your local area, leaving you less hassle in that sometimes hectic time before your holiday.  Our Minders also try to be as flexible as possible with times for you to drop-off and pick-up.

Call us on 1300 30 70 21 or visit www.dontfretpet.com.au for more information.