• Name: Timothy, Hayley & Alexander Lamb
  • Phone: 0407479522
  • Email: info@borderton.com.au
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  • Town/Suburb: Southern River
  • State/Province: Western Australia
  • Country: Australia
  • Website: http://www.borderton.com.au

Borderton Kennels was established in 1989 with the classic Border Collie. Then 1994 we jumped at the chance of getting our first ‘Australian Shepherd’ and introduced this amazing breed into Western Australia. Borderton Kennels is one of Australia’s most successful breeders of Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. By 2020 we are now almost exclusively breeding Australian Shepherds and have and will continued to import dogs / semen from the best Australian Shepherd breeders worldwide to ensure Borderton Kennels continues to produce the ultimate dog for show or family companions from health tested/ eye tested/ hip & elbow scored/ DNA tested parents.

The Australian Shepherd has captured our hearts, and our passion for this breed makes the Australian Shepherd our life. We breed, show, board, groom, rescue, train and LOVE this breed. Our dedication to the raising process spills over to application process being thorough. As they are not a breed for everyone. Our aim is to help the transition of being owned by an Aussie smooth and effortless. Remembering that Aussies are a working breed and can easily outsmart their human. Once part of the Borderton clan you can access the Borderton Social Club, where we offer general puppy raising /dog information or for those that want to arrange get togethers’ with other Borderton dogs or litter mates etc or just share your Aussies’ antics. Plus we LOVE seeing Borderton dogs loving life with their families from around the world.