A small but very successful kennel in Perth Western Australia,only breeding a limited number of litters with emphasis on soundness, type and temperament. I strive for a brave, bold and balanced active little working terrier.

My Jack Russell's are extremely intelligent, athletic and fearless dogs. Their high energy and drive makes them ideally suited to a active family.They exceptionally loving dogs who have the ability to entertain me for hours with their comical antics. To understand the Jack Russell's temperament, it must be remembered that they are first and foremost a working/hunting dog. They were bred to run, chase, and flush out fox and badgers in the great hunts of England. These traits, so passionately guarded by Jack Russell breeders since the 19th century, have delivered to us a dog that is fearless, happy, alert, confident, intelligent and lively. A dog that is ready to take on the world at a moment's notice or a dog that is just as happy to spend the afternoon lazing on the lounge watching videos with me.

Expressions of interest are welcomed from those seeking a family companion - enquiries@battle-star.com

Owning a dog is a privilege and a lifetime commitment.