Quality Rottweilers since 1990. Top well bred, socialized & mentally sound puppies from Australia's most successful Rottweiler breeder Dolps 2010/11 occasionally available. Breed exp. of 25 years.

Gelderland Rottweilers


While living in Holland I purchased my first Rottweiler "Roxy" from a registered breeder. However moved back to Australia in 1987 and purchased my first show dog "Candy", she was a Champion five times over and became the foundation bitch for the GELDERLAND Prefix.


  • Gelderland Australia's most successful Rottweiler breeder for 2010 & 2011 (Dolps)
  • Gelderland has achieved to be the owner and/or breeder of the WCRCofWAInc. Rottweiler of the Year from 1999 to present 2012
  • Gelderland has bred 38 Australian, 5 Grand, 3 Supreme and 1 American Champion to date, so come on over to view some of the TOP Rottweilers in Western Australia.
  • All our breeding stock are DNA certified, comply with the NRC(A) hereditary disease screening requirements and hold a CLEAR certificate of inherited eye diseases by Dr. Z. Chester (Ophtalmologist).
  • All our dogs are Exclusively Fed On Royal Canin.
  • Life member of the West Coast Rottweiler Club of Western Australia (Inc).

GELDERLAND ROTTWEILERS - Dogz Online final point score 2011
#1 Top Rottweiler Dog Breeder - National
All Breeds Breeder in WA
#1 Utility Dog Breeder - National
Utility Dog Breeder of WA
#6 All Breeds Dog Breeder - National

GELDERLAND ROTTWEILERS - Dogz Online final point score 2010
#1 Top Rottweiler Dog Breeder - National
#1 All Breeds Breeder in WA
#1 Utility Dog Breeder of WA
#2 Utility Dog Breeder National
#5 All Breeds Dog Breeder - National 

Information about our puppies

We at Gelderland only breed when we want to keep something ourselves. therefor we do not breed often. When we have puppies available a questionnaire is send out to all prospective puppy buyers. 

We decide which homes will be the best match for each individual puppy according to the  answers of the questionnaire about you, your family, home/work situation and also watching the puppies with the prospective owners when they come and visit. With our experience, we feel we are most qualified to select the puppy for its new home. It is in the puppies best interest and everyone concerned! We are with the puppies from birth and know their personalities and temperaments better than anyone else. We've been selecting puppies this way for many years now and have an excellent success rate.

At 8 weeks of age the puppy is available to go to his new home. At this time, Dogs West registration papers, vaccination record and the Gelderland puppy file with general information on raising your puppy will be provided.

  • We offer lifetime breeder support and are available to you 24/7.
  • We care about where our puppies go and would like to be updated on a regular basis on their progress.                  
  • We can help with any questions or concerns that may arise.  
  • Our goal has always been to have a long term happy relationship with all our puppy buyers!

It is part of our agreement that if at any time a purchaser is unable to keep the Gelderland puppy for any reason, the dog is to be returned with no questions asked. When contacting us about a future possible Gelderland puppy, we will send you out a copy of the Sales Agreement/ Contract of Sale for your perusal to ensure that you are happy with what we have to offer and to protect all concerned. 

Litter Anouncement

 Puppies born 06/07/13 - 4 males & 3 females

Karlo vom Räuberweg BH SchH/VPG I Ztp (IMPORT Germany - via USA) Multi V1-rated 

Pink Papered IMPORT

H/d free E/d free (Germany) -  H/d 0/1 E/d 0/0 (Australia)

AUSTRALIAN Specialist Clear Eye Certificate @ age 6 years
& Mouth Certificate (full dentition) !!

DNA profiled in Germany, USA & AUSTRALIA

Multi V1 - rated in Germany
Jugendsieger - Brandenburg Spezialsuchtschau 



Gelderland Lots Of Whispers - Whisper

Hip score 0/1 - Elbow score 1/2 - Specialist Clear Eye Certificate - Mouth Certificate (full dentition)



Puppies born 07/07/12 - 4 males - 4 females


Aust. Ch. Gelderland Hear Them Whisper - Marlee

Hip score 4/4 - Elbow score 2/2 - Specialist Clear Eye Certificate - Mouth Certificate (full dentition)



Aust. Ch. Gelderland Watasensation (AI) E.T. (Export UK) - Gil

Hip score 0/2 - Elbow score 2/2 - Specialist Clear Eye Certificate - Mouth Certificate (full dentition)



All puppies will be wormed, vaccinated, vet checked, tattooed, microchipped and DNA profiled with parentage confirmed on a Limited Register - Not for Showing & Breeding purposes and ineligible for Export. All my companion/domestic pets are sold on this register. Limited Registration doesn't mean that we are selling a lesser quality puppy.

They go home with a puppy file that includes a Sales Agreement/ Contract of Sale with written guarantee, information on feeding and general care, stages of socialization, copies of health certificates from parents, 3 generation pictorial pedigree etc.

Pictured below are Profile picture of GELDERLAND - Litter 1 announcement - Litter 2 announcement and our latest "Dog News" advertisement.