Positive K9 Training provides dog and puppy training in Melbourne area.

At Positive K9 Training, we are firm believers in early socialisation and obedience training to teach essential life skills as well as aiding to prevent minor behaviour problems.

Unfortunately when it comes to established behaviour problems, although well intentioned, there can be a lack of knowledge when seeking assistance with these issues from a general obedience training club.

This results in you seeking the assistance of a Behaviourist who has a great understanding of behaviour but can be lacking in the hands on skills that are needed. There currently appears to be a big gap between these two professions.

We believe separating these skills is counter-productive as they are both needed to provide effective training and behaviour modification.

Positive K9 training will bridge the gap between the two professions to provide you with the outcome needed from the basics such as sit and down through to established behavioural issues including aggression and separation anxiety.