Gecko's Animal Supplies has everything a wildlife rehabilitator needs including Milk replacers, Supplements, Feeding Equipment, Medical/First Aid Supplies, Housing, Transport, Heating, Cleaning. ICU's

Gecko's Animal Supplies also stocks products for Domestic pets including Dogs/ Cats, Birds, Reptiles and Small Animals. they have First Aid & Medical Supplies and there is even a section for Carers and Owners. 

Products from Gecko's Animal Supplies promote physical and emotional health and wellbeing for domestic and Wild Animals. 

At Gecko's Animal there is a focus on Natural Medicines and Supplements and an extensive range of First Aid and Medical Supplies for Wildlife Rehabilitators. 

The owner of Gecko's Animal Supplies is a Wildlife Rehabilitator of macropods and possums for over 11 years and has a Bachelor of Applied Science- Wildlife Science so she understands the needs of a wildlife carer. The products available are things she has needed and sourced from her years of being a wildlife carer.

If you can't find what you are looking for at please contact me with what you would like and I will do my best to get it in for you.